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AtomosNinja Flame 7-inch 4K HDMI Field Monitor with Accessory Kit
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Atomos Ninja Flame 7-inch 4K HDMI Field Monitor with Accessory Kit

Product Model: ATOMNJAFL1

Product Code: AT42-ATOMNJAFL1
Price: US$1,090.00
TSW: 5

AtomosNinja Flame 7-inch 4K HDMI Field Monitor with Accessory Kit AtomosNinja Flame 7-inch 4K HDMI Field Monitor with Accessory Kit


Current monitors force filmmaking compromises due to a lack of brightness &
brightness range (dynamic range). Expose for highlights and lose shadow detail
or shoot in Log with a flat, washed out image. Enter the Ninja Flame, a 7"
AtomHDR 1500nit Field Monitor with 4K/HD 10-bit ProRes/DNx Recording over
HDMI. With the AtomHDR engine, it has the brightness and dynamic range to show
all the detail of HDR Log, at all brightness ranges, with natural, vibrant colors.

Camera Log (S-Log2, S-Log3, C-Log, V-Log etc) delivers maximum sensor detail
in your recordings, but on monitors it looks washed out & makes judging exposure
difficult. The compromise for filmmakers is to use LUT's to get the
approximate "look" but sacrifice detail or use calibration cards, waveform &
some " rule of thumb" figures to set exposure correct. AtomHDR is the solution,
accurately displaying HDR Log footage with the brightness to see Log as the eye
sees it.

 General Specifications

- Intense detail scorching brightness
- Burn away the Fog of Log
- Scenes Ignite with 1500NITS of light
- Simple OS, Sophisticated shots
- Continuous Power is back with super fast charging
- Advanced DSLR audio monitoring
- Advanced recording capability
- Get more from your DSLR
- Affordable, Reliable media
- Record professional 4K & HD

What's Included
- Ninja Flame unit
- HPRC hard flight case
- Control cable (2.5mm Female to 2 x 2.5mm Male)
- 2 x NP-F750 4-cell batteries
- Fast battery charger
- USB3 docking station
- Coiled D-Tap to DC power cable
- 5 x Master Caddy II
- 2 x 12V 3A AC-DC power adapter
- Sun hood

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