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AtomosShogun Inferno with  Accessory Kit
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Atomos Shogun Inferno with Accessory Kit

Product Model: ATOMSHGIN1

Product Code: AT42-ATOMSHGIN1
Price: US$999.00
TSW: 4.5

AtomosShogun Inferno with  Accessory Kit AtomosShogun Inferno with  Accessory Kit


Main Features
With Atomos Shogun Inferno, filmmakers can maintain natural colors while
shooting with brightness range from camera's Log profile. This capability is
missing in conventional monitors though they can display Log brightness details
judging exposure becomes difficult as the image appears washed out.

The monitor comes with a 1500nit 10-bit panel that makes it possible and easy to
resolve more colors and this ensures that color transmissions in both HDR and
SDR are smooth. Contrast scenes are accentuated, and HDR brought to life with
the 1500nit panel while for SDR scenes, users can take advantage of outdoor
monitoring using the panel.

The 7" calibrated color display screen allows for monitoring of post-production
HDR images. Connect the monitor to larger HRD compatible screens for on set or
in post collaboration. The PQ input is used to make the connection between the
Atomos Shogun Inferno and the NLE for grading HDR in the post.

The Atomos Shogun Inferno offers unique recording capabilities such as Pre-roll,
which ensures that important moments of recording are not missed. Users can
Start/Stop recording over SDI and HDMI of their cameras as well as explore the
creativity using the Timelapse functionality. Interlaces can also be converted to
progressive signals using the built-in 3:2 and 2:2.

 General Specifications

- Shoot HDR with LOG Cameras
- 4K 60P & HD 240P Recording
- CDNG Raw over Quad SDI
- Simple OS, Sophisticated Shots
- Continuous Power & Super Fast Charging
- Monitor & Record XLR Audio
- Advanced Recording Capability
- HDR on the Big Screen with PQ OUT

What's Included
- Shogun Inferno unit
- Custom HPRC case
- Control cable, XLR input breakout cable
- 2x NP-F750 5200mAh batteries
- Fast battery charger
- SATA 3/2 to USB 3/2 HDD/SSD Docking station
- DC to D-Tap coiled cable
- Master Caddy II x 5
- 12V-3A AC adapter x 2 (Fast charger & DC power)
- Sunhood

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