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Blackmagic DesignMultiview 4 HD
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Blackmagic Design HDL-MULTIP3G/04HD


Blackmagic Design Multiview 4 HD

Product Model: HDL-MULTIP3G/04HD

Product Code: BL31-HDLMULTIP6G04

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Blackmagic DesignMultiview 4 HD Blackmagic DesignHDL-MULTIP3G/04HD


The new Blackmagic MultiView 4 HD model is a low cost multi viewer that lets
you simultaneously monitor 4 different SDI video sources on a single display!
Each view is a completely independent video monitor with overlays that you
can turn on and off such as custom labels, audio meters and more. Full frame
re-synchronization on each input lets you monitor any combination of video
signals, even if they are different frame rates. The multi rate 3G-SDI
connections are compatible with all existing SD and HD equipment and formats
up to 1080p60, including Level A and B devices. Plus, you get both 3G-SDI
and HDMI outputs so you can use traditional SDI displays or even low cost big
screen televisions!

MultiView 4 HD features a very small, all metal design that’s extremely durable
so it can be used in harsh outdoor broadcast environments or installed behind
equipment! All you have to do is connect your sources and it will automatically
output them in a 2x2 grid on a single display. MultiView 4 HD features built in
switches that can be used to turn labels on and off, add borders, select audio
and more. Whether you’re in an outside broadcast truck or on location at a live
event, you can combine MultiView 4 HD with an HDMI television and build the
world’s most affordable professional multiview solution!

 General Specifications

SDI Video Inputs: 16 x 10-bit SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 6G‑SDI.
SDI Video Outputs: 16 x 10-bit SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 6G‑SDI.
SDI Rates: 270Mb, 1.5G, 3G, 6G.
SDI Video Multi View Outputs: 2 x 10-bit HD-SDI, 2 x 10 bit 6G‑SDI.
HDMI Video Multi View Outputs: 1 x HDMI type A connector. Output supports
EDID of the monitor.
SDI Reclocking: On all SDI outputs, auto switching between standard
definition, high definition or 6G‑SDI video.
Reference Input: Black Burst and Tri-Sync for SD, HD and 4K.
Multi Rate Support: Auto detection of SD, HD or 6G‑SDI. Simultaneous
viewing of 4K, HD and SD video.
Updates: USB 2.0 high speed (480Mb/s) interface or via Ethernet.
Configuration: Via front panel LCD or use either RJ45 Ethernet or USB 2.0 for
firmware updates and IP address setting.
Display: Built in 1.5 inch LCD for menu settings.
Software Control: MultiView software included free for Windows™ and Mac™
Internal Software Upgrade: Via included updater application.

View Details: HDL-MULTIP3G/04HD

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