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RolandV-600UHD 4K HDR Multi-Format Video Switcher
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Roland V-600HD


Roland V-600UHD 4K HDR Multi-Format Video Switcher

Product Model: V-600HD

Product Code: RL31-V600UHD
Price: US$11,750.00
TSW: 12

RolandV-600UHD 4K HDR Multi-Format Video Switcher RolandV-600HD


Upgrading to 4K greatly improves the image quality in your productions, so
why compromise with switchers that may deliver more pixels but omit the true
capabilities of 4K?

High Dynamic Range [HDR]
The Roland V-600UHD 4K uses High Dynamic Range [HDR] so your events
look amazing. You donít just see more pixels, you see better, more dynamic-
looking pixels that preserve the details in the darkest and brightest areas of an
image. HDR provides well-balanced stage lighting without oversaturation for
IMAG (and itís easier to achieve compared with using SDR.) And SDR
dynamic range signals can also be input and switched with the V-600UHD.

Full 60Hz Frame Rate
With full 60Hz framerate support, the Roland V-600UHD 4K delivers a smooth,
crisp video image without the blur thatís common when fast motion is displayed
at 30Hz refresh rates.

A More Vivid Color Space
The Roland V-600UHD 4K supports Rec.2020, the highest-specification Wide
Color Gamut (WCG), as well as RGB and Rec.709 standards to display the
widest range of visible colors. This provides an increased level of realism and
improved color accuracy, especially for red and yellow color ranges.

10-bit 4:4:4 Pixel-accurate Color
Internal 10-bit Color Depth processing reduces color banding and sharpens
high-detail sources from computers. This makes it easier to read small fonts
and other fine details, even when drastically scaled and magnified.

 General Specifications

In the Box:
- V-600UHD Mixer
- Owner's Manual
- Power cord
- Rack-mount angle x 2

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