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RolandVP-42H Video Processor up to 4 HDMI video sources
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Roland VP-42H


Roland VP-42H Video Processor up to 4 HDMI video sources

Product Model: VP-42H

Product Code: RL31-VP42H
Price: US$1,300.00
TSW: 3.2

RolandVP-42H Video Processor up to 4 HDMI video sources RolandVP-42H


The Roland VP-42H Video Processor layers and arranges multiple video
sources to a single screen with dynamic transitions for effective and engaging
presentations, digital signage and meeting applications.

Maximum effect, minimum effort
The Roland VP-42H goes way beyond typical switchers. You can instantly
switch between ‘scenes’ containing preset arrangements of layered sources in
customizable inset windows. The VP-42H smoothly transitions between current
and next scenes by automatically moving and resizing the windows to their
new positions. And highly impressive scene changes that used to take hours to
program now happen at the touch of a button.

Simple, solid switching
Not all events require creative display and advanced scene transition
capabilities. For simpler scenarios, the Roland VP-42H functions as a true
cross-dissolve seamless switcher, with a keyer to create overlays and the
ability to display still images via USB drive — perfect for logos and safety

Flexible audio capability
The Roland VP-42H includes stereo RCA outputs for de-embedding audio from
connected HDMI sources and outputting it to other devices such as speakers
and mixers. Levels for each source can be set by the internal audio mixer, and
if the VP-42H is being used as a compositor for recording or streaming, the
audio from an external mixer or other sources can be connected to the RCA
inputs and embedded into the HDMI output signal.

 General Specifications

- Combine up to four HDMI video sources on to a single output
- Simple set-up and remote switching with browser-based network control
- Connect and switch multiple resolutions simultaneously
- Audio management and connection to external audio devices
- Motion Scene Switching for fluid transitions between complex screen sets
- Keyer function for overlays and advanced compositions

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