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RolandVR-1HD AV Streaming Mixer
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Roland VR-1HD


Roland VR-1HD AV Streaming Mixer

Product Model: VR-1HD

Product Code: RO31-VR1HD
Price: US$1,431.00
TSW: 11.5

RolandVR-1HD AV Streaming Mixer RolandVR-1HD


Roland VR-1HD AV Streaming Mixer
Switch to superior livestreams

When preparing a video for uploading, your editing software can add some impressive
layering options, including professional transitions that make ‘live-switched’ videos
look boring by comparison. The Roland  VR-1HD has built-in Scene Switching to
instantly jump between scenes that contain preset arrangements of layered sources,
displayed within customizable inset windows.

Set-up the scenes in advance and recall them via the five scene preset buttons, to
make your livestreaming way more interesting.

Video director inside
When you’re presenting a livestreamed vlog or nailing a live music performance, you’d
normally need another person to help switch cameras. The Roland VR-1HD lets you
go it alone with three Auto Switching modes that take the strain once the broadcast

Video Follows Audio
The Roland VR-1HD switches cameras based on who’s speaking into their
microphone. If both people talk at once, or if no one is speaking, the VR-1HD can
switch to a wide shot showing both presenters.

Beat Sync Switching
Start playing music and the Roland VR-1HD will switch to different camera inputs
based on your playing tempo or the music in your DJ performance – letting you act as
your own VJ.

Auto Scan
For extended live streams with no operator, set the VR-1HD to switch between
sources in a pre-defined order, or randomly, at your chosen rate of time.

 General Specifications

Sound like your best self or not yourself
Nobody talks about good sound when watching a live stream but they sure notice
when its bad. Pros use sound “equalizers” to balance the highs and lows of the audio,
“gates” to keep open mics quiet unless someone is speaking and “compressors” to
balance out changes in volume when speaking or singing.

These are all in the VR-1HD to make sure everyone sounds their best on air along
with reverb if someone is inspired to sing and needs a little ambience.

Radically transform your voice
Roland makes the legendary VT series of Voice Transformers, used by creators,
gamers and singers to radically change their voice in real-time. This technology means
that a male can sound like a female, a female can sound like a male, and anyone can
sound like a robot, a monster or an alien.

Derived from Roland’s VT series, the VR-1HD’s Voice Changer effect can be applied
to the mic inputs, and each input even has its own Voice Changer settings, so people
can sound like someone else — or something else — entirely.

Sounds and stingers on-demand
Some of the greatest radio and video personalities incorporate a signature soundtrack
and sound effects, known as stingers, that become part of their brand and image. The
VR-1HD lets you add your own custom sound effects via USB memory, including
jingles or even a theme song, and trigger them instantly via the four Audio Effects
buttons on the VR-1HD’s top panel.

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