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GoProHero 9 Black Action Camera
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GoPro CHDHX-901


GoPro Hero 9 Black Action Camera

Product Model: CHDHX-901

Product Code: GO-CHDHX-901
Price: US$401.30
TSW: 2.9

GoProHero 9 Black Action Camera GoProHero 9 Black Action Camera


GoPro Hero 9 Black Action Camera
When it is about cameras, you should never settle for anything mediocre, especially if you are
planning to use it for professional shooting. One of the most cherished and stunning quality
cameras are the ones offered by GoPro.

The most awaited product these days is GoPro Hero 9 Black action camera.

The latest GoPro hero 9 black action camera, is soon going to launch to quench the eagerness of
potential customers.

But before that, let�s dig into what this camera offers you. We are going to explain every
specification and feature this camera got to make your shooting experience a lot better than

Who can use the Hero 9 camera?
GoPro Hero 9 Black camera, possessing excellent features, is definitely a videographer and a
vlogger�s dream. If you�re a travel blogger and records while travelling, then this is perfect for

It�s lightweight hence easy to carry also comes with amazing features like SuperPhoto and HDR
to get crystal clear videos, 20 MP camera with front-facing LCD screen for better exposure, voice
control for better videos, 33ft underwater recording capabilities and a lot more.

If you are going for hiking, mountain climbing, scuba diving, bungee jumping you can easily carry
the GoPro Hero 9 Black for recording.

If youre a YouTuber then also you can think of investing in this camera because it comes with a
webcam mode which helps you record in a 132-degree wide field view.

If youre planning to record some sports tournament, you can take this with you.

 General Specifications

- Sio-Mo
- Front-facing LCD screen and Built-in mounting
- Data overlays and Time Warp 3.0
- 1080p live streaming and live burst
- Hindsight and voice control
- Scheduled capture
- Waterproof body with water draining microphone, making the camera perfect for underwater
recording (33ft underwater).
- Comes with a removable lens cover to keep the device secured.
- Super Photo features for stunning quality photographs.
- Got in-camera horizon up to 5K and Max Hyper-Smooth and Max SuperView up to 2.7K
- A 5K video is equivalent to 14.7 MP stills in this camera.
- 16 % larger rear touch display features also enable the user to take selfies with full screen, actual
screen, status only and a lot more features.
- 30% more battery life.
- Cold temperature adaptive capabilities for providing better recording in cooler areas.
- Hyper smooth feature in all resolutions and frame rates as well as digital lenses from 3.0 to 5K.

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