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EquinoxHD10 for Sony Z5U
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Equinox HD10Z5U


Equinox HD10 for Sony Z5U

Product Model: HD10Z5U

Product Code: EN35-HD10Z5U

Stock Status : Sold Out
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EquinoxHD10 for Sony Z5U EquinoxHD10Z5U


Recording Format : HD/Memory Card

HD 10 Features:

* 6 to 10 Manual controls-Power on/off, Recordstart/stop,
Zoom-WidefTelephoto, White Balance, Auto focus, Auto/Manual focus Switch, ND
Filter (other controls upon customers request)
* Industry's longest warranty 3 years
* 200 ft depth rating (61 meters)
* Close to neutral buoyancy at approximately 33 ft (10 meters)
* BRS (Ballast Release System) for easy travel or if trouble occurs on a
dive, simply pull the quick release pin on one of the wings, the wing and handle
(ballast) release, the housing now becomes positive and shoots to the surface

HD 10 Housing Includes:

* EO waterproof bulkhead for video out (to surface)
* External color correction filter
* Spare parts kit
* Carrying strap
* 2.5-inch color LCD monitor with rechargeable battery and charger

Available Accessories Include:

* Underwater lights
* Water-tight travel case
* Surface video link
* Lanyard
* Tri-pod mount
* Pole mount system

 General Specifications

* Length: 13-17 inches
* Width: (w/o BRS system) 11 inches diameter
* Height: 14 inches
* Weight: (out-of-water): Average weight is 55 pounds (camera dictates exact

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