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EquinoxPro8 for SonyPD170/VX2100
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Equinox PRO8PD170


Equinox Pro8 for SonyPD170/VX2100

Product Model: PRO8PD170

Product Code: EN35-PRO8PD170

Stock Status : Sold Out
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EquinoxPro8 for SonyPD170/VX2100 EquinoxPRO8PD170


Recording Format : DV/Tape

Pro8 Features:

* 7 Manual controls-Power on/off, Record start/stop, Zoom-Wide/Telephoto,
Photo, White balance, Auto focus and ND filter
* Industry's longest warrantyŚ3-years
* 250 ft depth rating (75 meters)
* Close to neutral buoyancy at approximately 33 ft (10 meters)
* BRS (Ballast Release System) for easy travel or if trouble occurs on a
dive, simply pull the quick release pin on one of the wings, the wing and handle
(ballast) release, the housing now becomes positive and shoots to the surface

Pro8 Housing Includes:

* Wide-angle lens*
* External color correction filter
* Internal adjustable ballast
* Spare parts kit
* Carrying strap
* Domeport protector
* Rubber feet for stability on boat decks
* D-ring on rear plate for easy hook up to a lanyard

*Wide-anlge lens is not included for cameras with larger than 62mm lens thread

Available Accessories Include:

* Underwater lights
* Tri-pod mount
* External LCD monitor
* Pole mount system
* Water-tight travel case
* Light-weight handles for top
* Surface video link side work (surfing, etc.)
* LCD monitor back

 General Specifications

* Average Pro8 Housing Size:
* Length: 11-15 inches
* Width: (w/o wings) 8.5 inches diameter
* Height: 12 inches
* Weight: (out-of-water): 25-33 pounds with removable internal and external
ballast attached

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