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SachtlerTripod ENG 2 CF HD
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Sachtler 5390


Sachtler Tripod ENG 2 CF HD

Product Model: 5390

Product Code: SA32-5390
Price: US$2,128.00
TSW: 15

SachtlerTripod ENG 2 CF HD Sachtler5390


These tripods are top sellers for good reasons. The ENG 2 CF is extremely
lightweight, solid and stable. Although the ENG 2 CF HD weighs just 4 kg / 8.8 lb,
its completely dual tube design ensures it can safely and stably carry payloads of
up to 95 kg / 209 lb even at its maximum height of 161 cm / 63.4". And with its
folding handle, you can easily carry the tripod in a horizontal position.

Double extension tripods are ideal for a much wider variety of applications, due to
their expanded height range, i.e. lower bottom and higher top positions. In
addition, their transport length is even shorter. For extra stability, Sachtler offers
heavy duty (HD) versions with larger tube diameters. With our quick clamping
system, you can securely and visibly lock the tripod.

Article Order code
System 7+7 HD MCF 1973
System 20 S1 HD CF 2072S1
System 20 S1 HD MCF 2073S1

 General Specifications

Weight : 4 kg / 8.8 lbs
Payload : 95 kg / 209 lbs
Height with floor spreader : 55 - 161 cm / 21.7 - 63.4 in
Height with mid-level spreader : 56 - 157 cm / 22.0 - 61.8 in
Head fitting : 100 mm
Transport length : 75 cm / 29.5 in
Extension : 2-fold

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