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SachtlerVario Pedestal 2-75
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Sachtler 5201


Sachtler Vario Pedestal 2-75

Product Model: 5201

Product Code: SA32-5201
Price: US$25,631.00
TSW: 80

SachtlerVario Pedestal 2-75 Sachtler5201


A column latch and Quickfix attachment make this even faster. And fast vertical
panning is also child’s play with the Vario Peds’ friction damping systems. In
addition, the crab-and-steer function enables simple maneuvering with defined
rolling turns. In order to enable balancing during the shoot – for example in case of
sudden temperature change – the steering wheel has easily accessible slots for
the balance weights that are a standard accessory. Narrow clearance is not a
problem, as the dolly arm positions are easy to adjust. And, of course, the power
cable features extra padding to protect it from being crushed. The steering wheel,
column, and dolly quickly disassemble for transport.

Exceptional Safety
Vario Peds operate with air-filled columns, making them far safer than gas-filled
pedestals. In addition, a pressure relief valve prevents damage caused by
overpumping. An air pump is provided as a standard accessory.

Advantages of the Vario Pedestal:
- safe air changing with pump or compressor
- pressure relief valve prevents damage to the column
- low operating costs due to air charging
- Crab & Steer function for easy maneuverability and definded cornering
- Quickfix enables fast camera changeover from pedestal to tripod
- column, handwheel and dolly dismountable for easy transport

 General Specifications

Recommended for : fluid heads Video 90; Video 25 Plus, Video 60 Plus and Video
75 Plus (with #3914)
Weight : 55 kg / 121 lbs
Payload : 75 kg / 165 lbs
Height range : 66 - 143 cm / 26.0 - 56.3 in
Lift : 77 cm / 30.3 in
Clearance : 69 - 92 cm / 27.2 - 36.2 in
Head fitting : flat base, Quickfix

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