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AirpulAC8262 Long Range HD Video Wireless Receiver
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Airpul AC8262


Airpul AC8262 Long Range HD Video Wireless Receiver

Product Model: AC8262

Product Code: AP32-AC8262
Replaced by Hollyland TSW: 2

AirpulAC8262 Long Range HD Video Wireless Receiver AirpulAC8262


• Full HD Video with Zero Latency
Designed with Wireless HD-PROTM, Airpul wireless transmission system
transmits uncompressed 4:2:2, 1080p60 video from any cameras for real-time
viewing, within 1 millisecond latency

• Long Distance
Wireless HD-PROTM assures Airpul system sends real-time 1920x1080 video up
to 700 feet (220m) with default antennas (much longer range with optional
antennas) and still maintains an incredible high quality Full HD video..

• Easy Connectivity
Airpul wireless system transmits HDMI and 3G/HD/SD-SDI video with auto &
manual frequency selection mode (8 channels) for indoor and outdoor applications
to avoid interference. The system works within the 5 GHz band and will switch to
a safer and less congested channel. All information will be displayed on the OLED

• Convenient Power Supply & Durable Housing
Airpul wireless system provides two different ways for power supply: by V-
mount battery (V-type or 3-Stud battery) or by DC input. It can attach to any
camera’s battery mount that have the V-mount which frees you from power
supply. Airpul products are housed in aluminum case. It brings the transmitter and
Receiver long working life and excellent heat dispassion.

• Multicast
Airpul wireless system can work under unicast or multicast mode. It has a great
feature of transmission to at least 8 receivers simultaneously.

 General Specifications

Model: AC8262 (RX)
Technology: Wireless HD-Pro
Transmission range 700 ft (Range up to 2000 ft with panel antenna)
Latency: <1 millisecond
Working frequency: 5.1GHz-5.9GHz
Bandwidth: 40MHz
Modulation: OFDM
Channel: Auto & 4 selected channels
Transmission mode: U mode & B mode
Video Output: 2*3G/HD-SDI & 1*HDMI
Interface: USB & 4-pin XLR connector
Antenna: External 5dBi gain
Video: 1080P/60Hz,1080P/50Hz,1080i/60Hz,1080i/50Hz,720P/60Hz,720P/50Hz,etc
Audio: 5.1 DTS, 5.1 dloby, 5.1 PCM, 7.1 DTS, 7.1 Dolby, 7.1 PCM 16/20/24 bit
Power supply: 12V DC via 4-pin XLR connector
Working Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
Humidity: 10%-85%
Dimension: 173*126*23 mm
Weight: 1200 g

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