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AirpulAC8231 Long Range HD Video Wireless Receiver
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Airpul AC8231


Airpul AC8231 Long Range HD Video Wireless Receiver

Product Model: AC8231

Product Code: AP32-AC8231
Replaced by Hollyland TSW: 2

AirpulAC8231 Long Range HD Video Wireless Receiver AirpulAC8231


Airpul professional wireless 3G/HD SDI transmitter AC8231 was designed with
high standard quality. Compare with other wireless HD video systems, AC8231
was made with aluminum alloy housing, The special design protect products from
over heat issues. AC8231 transmits Full HD video signal to 700ft with Airpul`s
own Wireless HD-Pro technology, and its transmission distance could extend to
2000ft with panel antennas. The wireless transmitter works on 5GHz frequency.

• Full HD Video with Zero Latency
Designed with Wireless HD-PROTM, Airpul wireless transmission system
transmits uncompressed 4:2:2, 1080p60 video from any cameras for real-time
viewing, within 1 millisecond latency

• Long Distance
Wireless HD-PROTM assures Airpul system sends real-time 1920x1080 video up
to 700 feet (220m) with default antennas (much longer range with optional
antennas) and still maintains an incredible high quality Full HD video..

• Easy Connectivity
Airpul wireless system transmits HDMI and 3G/HD/SD-SDI video with auto &
manual frequency selection mode (8 channels) for indoor and outdoor applications
to avoid interference. The system works within the 5 GHz band and will switch to
a safer and less congested channel. All information will be displayed on the OLED

• Convenient Power Supply & Durable Housing
Airpul wireless system provides two different ways for power supply: by V-
mount battery (V-type or 3-Stud battery) or by DC input. It can attach to any
camera’s battery mount that have the V-mount which frees you from power
supply. Airpul products are housed in aluminum case. It brings the transmitter and
Receiver long working life and excellent heat dispassion.

 General Specifications

Model: AC8231 (TX)
Technology: Wireless HD-Pro
Transmission range: 700 ft (Range up to 2000 ft with panel antenna)
Latency: <1 millisecond
Working frequency: 5.1GHz-5.9GHz
Bandwidth: 40MHz
Modulation: OFDM
Channel: Auto & 4 selected channels
Transmission mode: U mode & B mode
Video Output: 1*3G/HD-SDI
Interface: USB & DC in
Antenna: External 5dBi gain
Video: 1080P/60Hz,1080P/50Hz,1080i/60Hz,1080i/50Hz,720P/60Hz,720P/50Hz,etc
Audio: 5.1 DTS, 5.1 dloby, 5.1 PCM, 7.1 DTS, 7.1 Dolby, 7.1 PCM 16/20/24 bit
Power supply: AC adaptor12V/2.5A
Working Temperature: 10°C to 50°C
Humidity: 10%-85%
Dimension: 170*108*50 mm
Weight: 800 g

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