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SennheiserSKM 5200-II BK-N Handheld Transmitter Black (614-798 MHz)
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Sennheiser SKM 5200-II BK-N


Sennheiser SKM 5200-II BK-N Handheld Transmitter Black (614-798 MHz)

Product Model: SKM 5200-II BK-N

Product Code: SE31-SKM5200IIBKN
Price: US$2,425.00
TSW: 2 D : 9

SennheiserSKM 5200-II BK-N Handheld Transmitter Black (614-798 MHz) SennheiserSKM 5200-II BK-N


The SKM 5200-II is the next evolution of the SKM 5200 world class
Robust, reliable and user-friendly, the professional hand-held transmitter is
suitable for every conceivable type of recording and transmission situation. The
mechanics, electronics and operating concept were designed to meet the
requirements of live events.

This is why, for example, the SKM 5200-II now offers a switching bandwidth of
up to 184 MHz. The "HiDyn plus" noise suppression system developed by
Sennheiser reduces RF noise to an absolute minimum, ensuring a wide
range and crystal-clear sound. Programming is extremely flexible: the SKM-II
has both a fixed and a variable channel bank. All parameters are shown on a
backlit LCD; they can be locked to prevent accidental adjustment, and checked
within seconds.

The SKM 5200-II is available in four frequency variants - L, N, N-US and P - as
well as in three colors: black, nickel and steel blue (haematite). The hand-held
transmitter is compatible with all capsules, battery and rechargeable battery
compartments of the 5000 series as well as with Neumann microphone heads..

- Up to 184 MHz switching bandwidth
- Low-intermodulation mode (LoI)
- Switchable output power
- Award-winning design
- Audio sensitivity adjustable in steps of 1 dB from -40 to 0 dB
- 2 AA batteries for at least 7 hrs of operating time
- Frequencies adjustable in steps of 5 kHz
- Convenient jog dial
- Switchable low-cut

 General Specifications

Frequency response: 614-798 MHz
Color: black, nickel, steel blue
Compander: HiDyn plus
Frequency response (microphone): 60 - 20000 Hz
THD, total harmonic distortion: < 0,5%
Operating temperature: -10 C +55 C
RF output power: PWR.HI: typ. 50 mW
PWR.LO: 10 mW
Switching bandwidth: Up to 184 MHz
Peak deviation: +/- 56 kHz
Number of channels: Frequency bank "FIX" with up to 59 factory-preset
Frequency bank "VAR" with 20 freely selectable frequencies (frequencies
tunable in steps of 5 kHz)
Nominal deviation: +/- 40 kHz
Input voltage range: -40 ... 0 dB adjustable in steps of 1 kHz
Power supply: B 5000-2 battery pack (1.5 V AA-size batteries) or BA 5000-2
rechargeable battery pack
Current consumption: PWR.LO: approx. 140 mA, PWR.HI: approx. 195 mA ,
PWR.LoI: approx. 195 mA
Operating time: with B 5000-2: PWR.LO approx. 13 h / PWR.HI approx. 7 h 30
min /
PWR.LoI approx. 7 h 30 min, with BA 5000-2: PWR.LO approx. 12 h 40 min /
PWR.HI approx. 7 h 20 min / PWR.LoI approx. 7 h 20 min
Storage temperature: -25 C +70 C
Dimensions: Without capsule: length (without capsule): 200 mm, diameter:
35.5 mm
Weight: approx. 300 g (incl. BA 5000-2, excl. capsule)
High pass filter: flat, 120 Hz, 190 Hz switchable
Signal-to-noise ratio: typ. 110 dB (A) eff

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